At EyeCee we use the latest technology in lens design and manufacture from the world’s best lens companies such as Zeiss (Germany), Hoya (Japan) and Essilor (France). We also use advanced equipment that can accurately record your own individual parameters and use these measurements to create customised lenses that result in amazing vision.

But most importantly, we listen to your visual needs to select the best lens for your unique situation at work, at home, and at play.


Recent advances in lens technology have made multifocals suitable for almost everyone, so if you’ve tried multifocals before without success, give us a call to discuss how the new world of free form lenses can help you.

Computer & Office Lenses

Having comfortable, clear vision is imperative for office workers and computer users. Single vision and multifocal lenses may not be ideal, so special lenses have been designed specifically for this purpose. Ask us how extended focus lenses can help you.

Reducing Screen Glare

As the widespread use of smartphones, tablet devices and computers increases, more and more people suffer from eyestrain symptoms. One cause of this is believed to be the blue light emitted from the display on such devices. The shorter the wavelength, the stronger energy a light wave has, and this may cause eye fatigue. Blue light, which is next to ultraviolet light on the electromagnetic spectrum, has a shorter wavelength than other visible light. It also tends to be diffused and is believed to cause flickering in the vision. SeeCoat Blue is the first lens coating technology in the world that effectively reduces incoming blue light to the eyes, resulting in more comfortable vision in the modern connected world.