Contact Lenses

Do you play sport?
Do you want to be able to workout without your frames getting in the way?
Need to read a menu and don’t want to search for your specs?
Then contact lenses are the answer. Suitable for almost everyone, contact lenses offer freedom, flexibility and fun.

New lens designs and materials, as well as advanced care products now make contact lenses easier and more comfortable to wear than ever before. They offer freedom from wearing glasses in daily life, when playing sport, or for that important social occasion, and can bring particular benefits for individuals with stronger vision correction requirements.

EyeCee is one of Sydney’s best contact lens practices which gives us access to the latest contact lens technology, often before anyone else. With over 40 years experience between Emmanuel & Simon, we’ll be sure to find the perfect lenses for you!

What should I do if I want to try contact lenses?
Before you can wear contact lenses you must have your eyes fully examined.

During the examination your eyes will be tested to determine the strength of lenses you will need for clear vision, and the health of you and your eyes and eyelids will be examined. The quality of your tears – needed for lubrication of contact lenses – will also be assessed. Then, the curvature and diameter of the cornea at the front of your eye will be measured, together with the size of your pupils and the positions of your eyelids.

Based on this information, your Simon or Emmanuel will be able to advise you about the most suitable contact lenses.